So it has been a week since my first post and am already I am realising the tremendous time commitment associated with my goal and vision for this space! Still, I am committed to the cause and beyond excited to fill this space!

And so, I am going to enforce this schedule based on a variety mix and match of ideas that I have that will help me create using different mediums. Keep in mind that all of these will have some sort of sport related attachment to them. My life revolves around sport, I identify as a fit individual, and fitness is what inspires me. A fact that only makes my current level of fitness that much more shameful. I can only hope to inspire more people to get out there and do some form of physical activity. If in the process I can squeeze out my creative juices, then all the better!


In order to keep a traditional blog theme around this website, I will start the week with a traditional written post every Monday. My commitment is for it to be available to everyone 8am Perth time at the start of each week. The topic will be a nice and simple week in review of week prior and workout plan for the week ahead. Expect this to focus severely on progress. By doing this sort of recap weekly, I aim to shed some light on the transition of “getting fit” rather than the more traditional (and often misleading) before and after shots so common in todays fitness community.

Wednesdays will be all about experimentation on a post that I will call *Insert thought here*. Everything from my favourite post workout snack to music playlist, to daily routine will go up on this day. The medium will vary, hence the experimentation aspect. Sometimes, a video might go up, other times a heavily edited set of pictures, and probably more often than not, a simple post on something that is floating around my head on that day/week.

Fridays will be dedicated to photography. We could call it Photo Phridays? Photography is a medium I am somewhat familiar with, however nowhere near enough to be comfortable with it. So what better way to increase my proficiency as an amateur photographer than to dedicate a whole day to this medium and the weird and wonderful ways I can explore it? I found this awesome 52 week photo challenge, that will hopefully get me started. As of now I am two weeks behind, so expect some shots this week. I will aim to relate all of these to sport in some sort of way, and will do a recap of what the image means to me, why I chose it and hopefully find a story behind it to tell.

So that’s my blogging commitment! I am well beyond excited by this stage as this progresses from a simple idea I had on a Wednesday afternoon three years ago, to something concrete that I can give direction and have ownership on.

Hope you all come with me for the journey!


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