Photo Phriday – Week 2

This weeks challenge was centered around a landscape. During the shooting for this, I ran into two significant problems. First , I started thinking how to shoot this picture and have it relate to sport and training. How to achieve a story through the picture while focusing on the background. However, I realised that this goes directly against the idea of the challenge for this week. To tell a story about training would take the focus away from a beautiful landscape and instead place it on the subject of training, which is not what I wanted to do.
Secondly, I am trying to take a picture of a landscape at a time when there area 27 active fires raging within the region. This just does not make for very advantageous photography conditions of a landscape. So I went a different route. It’s week 2, and I cheated.


Those who pay attention will recognise this image from the home page. This image is super important to me, it represents my struggle at a time when I didn’t know what limitations my newly broken arm would leave me with. It documents my frustration at watching from the sidelines at an event which I had fought and trained for during the past year. I would eventually go on to compete in this event and surpass even my own expectations. But for me, this is where it all started, this is where the next chapter began, the one where I went from broken arm and injured, on my way to recovery and accomplishment.

It’s quite funny to me that this picture so accurately represents my feelings, when it was taken on my iPhone 4s and without any reason other than “it looked pretty”. Looking back at it now, it’s ridiculous how many parallels I can draw from my feelings and this picture. The light emanating from the horizon, clearly showing me a way out, yet too distant to grasp. The multitude of people in the water as tense and nervous about the future as I was. The way the old man looking out is staring out the EXACT same way that I was at the time, with the only difference that he was in the frame of the camera and I wasn’t (Coincidentally, there is a version of this picture where I moved so there wasn’t anyone else in the frame, completely missing the parallel between him and myself). All of these factors, and the fact that none of them were taken with any purpose in mind, represent a completely opposite methodology to my last picture, where everything in the picture was thoughtfully placed.

Simply put, this picture is special to me. It presents a monumental turning point in my life, where I went from being a victim to a victor.

Oh and theres a background in it!

Week 2: check.


All credit for this challenge goes to Dogwood Photography, follow along if you’d like by going here!

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