Photo Phriday: Week 3 – Red

This weeks photo was the most challenging one yet. The challenge was to be creative with the photo while making red, a central theme or focus of the image. My initial train of thought went along the lines of “I wish I had my bike here” (its red and black) “that would make such an awesome shot with red as the central theme”. It actually took me a long time to leave this idea behind. I spent a good number of hours trolling through old pictures trying to find one good enough to edit and make a part of this weeks challenge.
In the end, I decided that I was not only being an idiot, I was also being lazy. The whole idea of the challenge isn’t to go ahead and take a picture of something that is red, but its to play around and be inspired by the colour. It’s also there to force you to create a new image, not recycle an older one like I did last year. So with that, I started to brain storm.

I reminded myself of the process. The most important thing for me, is to tell a story through an image. Everything else is there to serve that purpose. To help convey the message. So I decided to tell my story of how I began the year.

Red 2.jpg

This picture speaks of the beginning of my journey, symbolically represented with me about to begin a run. The red shoes not only fit the theme of red, but they are also an important part of the story. They are the same shoes I ran my half marathon on, which was also the last time I ran any sort of decent distance. The end of my last “fitness chapter”. It’s only fitting that they be an integral part of the start of the next one. The black and white background is there for many reasons. I wanted to emphasise the red, I wanted to learn a new editing technique in photoshop, but most of all, it symbolises the past. The fact that this journey has already started. You see this image isn’t supposed to be of me today, but earlier on in 2016. At the time, determined to start running again, I started this frustrating path. At times, only one or two kilometres at a time before heading to work. Yet still, I tied my shoes and pushed on.

I decided to tell this story in particular this week because the colour red, is one associated with passion and determination, yet it can also be viewed as a warning sign, universally used as the colour to STOP. This lines up well with the requirements for training. Without passion you will never even start. No determination and you will give up after 2 weeks.  A reckless demeanour and neglecting to listen to your body means that injury is right around the corner. Ready to force you to stop and start over again from scratch. This happened many times through the year. I’d be lying if I even pretended to know how many times I restarted a program, but yet here I am, still as passionate as ever, my determination never ceased. No matter how many times I had to restart, I knew I would get it right at some point.

So there it is, week 3 complete. I hope this image can convey to you my thoughts as I created it in my head. Im really enjoying this 52 week challenge and taking ideas from concept to creation! I can’t wait to see what I can come up with next week!

Hope you are enjoying these as much as I am enjoying creating them. If you’d like to follow along, you can find the original challenge at DogWood Photography.


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