Week at a Glance – Too much!

Another week another dollar! This week was crazy packed with exercise and for the most part a success. The focus for this week was simple: “Make all the scheduled sessions.” Don’t worry about intensity, length or content, just show up. Simple concept that was so so hard to execute. See, when I was planning out this week’s exercise I failed to account for the fact that my last rest day for cardio was around 18 days ago. This put me at a severe disadvantage as my body was screaming for rest before I had even started the week. Regardless here’s how it went.

Plan – 4km run in the morning, Chest + Tricep session after work.
Actuality – Right off the bat we started with an L as I slept in during my morning session. I don’t usually sleep well on Sunday nights so I don’t know why I keep scheduling Monday morning crack of dawn exercise sessions. I still made it to the gym and made sure to take the stairs at work to begin to make up for the session.

Plan – Core in the morning, Spinning in the afternoon.
Actuality – This was a lot more successful than the previous morning. I started it off by doing a 2km run, followed by half of the core session (I skipped the leg part). Overall this was a good idea as it allowed me to rest my leg muscles which were still sore while getting some blood flow through them by running which helped speed up recovery. The afternoon session was a miss though as work related stuff kept me from making it to the class on time.

Plan – Run 6km in the A.M., Back + Biceps in the afternoon.
Actuality – Almost slept in and didn’t go for my run. There was multiple times when I wanted to stop and give it a rest. However I couldn’t fail my third cardio run and made sure to complete it even if it meant I had to rush for work. Overall the run felt great. The first 3 km were really solid, then after a 500m walk the second three felt a little bit stiffer as the week caught up to me. Still a success though! In the afternoon I made the decision that cardio is more important than gym at the moment, so I performed my missed Tuesday spinning session. Felt great and was completely exhausted by the end!

Plan – Core/legs in the morning + spinning in the afternoon.
Actuality – After the failure of Monday’s run, I had thought to make the 2km missing on Thursday, however the Wednesday session left me with little in the tank and I slept in. Spinning was a success though,, regardless of my tiredness as I was heading into 2 weeks straight of no rest. Overall this was just a day I was happy to get home and crash in bed.

Plan – 4km run in the morning, rest in the afternoon.
Actuality – Tiredness was still an issue. I ended up switching these around and going for my run in the afternoon. It was a heavy treadmill run due to the heat outside, but I managed it and felt better for it afterwards!

Plan – 6km run in the morning
Actuality – Final day of training was here. I set out to at least run my 6km that was allocated. Turned out to run 8km as I felt great and wanted to hit my 20km target for the week! It felt great to run for such a length of time and even managed to stick below the 6minute/km pace! I am definitely looking forward to being able to do my long runs again soon as my endurance goes up further. The run left me super tired and ready for a big rest which I made sure to enjoy and added some stretching at night as well.

Plan – Rest
Actuality: Awesome day of resting. After having a week where I was sleeping less than 7 hours per day, it feels awesome to get 9 hours of sleep. As I write this on Sunday afternoon, I already feel itching to go for my next sessions on Monday. It’s actually amazing what a day’s of rest can do for the body!

So as you can see, this week was another mixed bag. Some failures, some successes, a lot of trying. Overall I was happy with it. Some factors held me back such as the lack of sleep and work, but for the most part those were overcome and I was able to get achieve most of my goals. Out of the sessions I wanted to get done at the start of the week, I completed both the 20km of running and 2 sessions of spinning. I failed on the core exercises part and the gym, so we shall try and incorporate those in this week and go from there. I only have a week left in Chile before I leave, so it will be a good time to try things out and push my body to the limit as I have lots of time to rest!

With that in mind, my schedule will look super similar to last weeks, with the big change being an increase to 24km of running for the week. Lets get it!

Happy Training!

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