Photo Phriday – My Running Buddy

Today’s blog picture is special to me for many reasons. As I write this out, I hope to do more than just talk about the image I just took, but rather express the range of emotions that go through my head almost hourly for the last week. This is Capri, and he is, or was, my running buddy.

The challenge this week was another portrait based one. A portrait of someone else this time rather than a selfie. The photo was easy enough to take. “Easy enough” when you consider that I was working with a dog. They say never work with children or animals. They never met Capri and his love for anything food related. It only took a handful of pellets and he was posing nicely. He’s always super well behaved when theres food around. Still, trying to get a dog to fit the framing you are thinking of is super difficult! One wrong move and he’s on all fours again, trying to snatch the food from your hand. Make him wait too long and he impatiently shifts out of the frame, and you have to slowly and painstakingly shuffle him back through inventive waves. And, of course, with the promise of food!


This is my three year old chocolate Labrador, Capri. To those that don’t know, Capri is my favourite kind of chocolate sold in Chile, hence the name. He goes with me everywhere, follows me around the house wherever I go, and will sniff underneath the door whenever I head out for my runs. Truth is, Capri doesn’t run with me much anymore. I used to take him almost every time on short 2km stints. But this made him want to walk super fast whenever we headed for a peaceful stroll, and since I’m about to head back to Australia and need the rest of my family to care for him and walk him, he needs to be on his best behaviour! Still, he will stretch with me when I come home, he will consistently get in my way, and he never fails to put a smile on my face. No matter how annoying he gets.

And that is why I am making this weeks blog all about him. This is my last weekend with him before I take off to Australia, it will be at least 6 months before he can join us there. While I know he is very well cared for here, and has lots of company (another 4 year old lab and a 3 month old German Shepherd puppy) I will miss him each and every day. I will miss his timely wake up every day at 7am, letting me know its an hour before his breakfast, his weird sleeping position that more often than not make him snore into the night, our walks in the park that so often manage to completely destress me after a rough day, and of course his consistent shuffling at around 7:55pm, because who can forget about dinner right? This dog has gotten me through some real lows, and we have ridden out some awesome highs! My life isn’t really complete without him there, and what better way to remember him for the next 6 months than to dedicate an entire week to that disgustingly adorable face.

Hopefully the photo shows you all what I see when I look at his face. This week’s photo was less about telling a story and more about commemorating my running buddy. He has gotten me through so much, and we have enjoyed so much together! I will miss you Capri, hopefully you understand that this is only temporary and I will see you again very soon.

Love you,

Your Human Buddy

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