Back again once again!

It feels like years since I last updated this blog, but so much has been happening. I hate to use the excuse of life getting in the way of this blog, simply because life is always there ready to take your time if you let it! So without delaying this further, lets get into what I have been up to during this last month!

It’s incredible to think that last time I wrote on here, I was on the other side of the world. Now, I’ve moved out with the girlfriend, started a new job, and have started a new workout routine in line with my new goals! It’s amazing to think how much can change within a month, and I am using this realisation in my training as well. The amount of progress you can make within a 4 week stretch is humongous and has the potential to change your life if you commit to it!

The last four weeks, have been all about getting used to being flexible. Due to my new work schedule, flexibility is a must if I want to be able to fit in all the sessions I want. This new focus, has actually helped me overcome my previous problem of not getting to a session when I had time, because “I don’t run in the afternoon”, or “I did a run last night, and I shouldn’t do a back to back”. Whilst it’s important to not pile on too many sessions without the adequate recovery, if you feel ready to go, you should trust your body and head out as planned!

With this in mind, my sessions and their order have been somewhat sporadic, however I am simply glad to have been able to fit them all in and around life, and keep progressing towards new goals! Overall last week (27th of Feb). I was able to achieve:
– 16km of running (4x4km)
– 40km of riding (first time back on my bike since around 20months)
– 3 sessions of swimming (first time back in the pool in 15months!)
– Implemented new “gym-less” exercise routine for core strength and some running strength exercises

Overall I consider last week a huge success. Already this week, I have been able to ride to work and be even more active on my day to day. It’s important to me to keep going through and make more of my sessions as I go. Consistency is a big part of what I am trying to achieve and hopefully I can bring some of that into this blog as well.

Thanks for putting up with me! It’s incredible to me, how many of my friends are actually reading my random collection of words that I decide to put out in the internets! It’s awesome to see some of you enjoying it so much, and hopefully I inspire even more of you in the future! This was just a short update to let you all know that I haven’t just abandoned this project and I am still committed to the cause. I just need a bit more time to find my feet, and hopefully I can resume our normal schedule next week!

Till then, happy training!!!

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