Crazy week ahead!!!

Wow… last week flew by faster than anticipated, and with the workload of training, working full time and maintaining myself and the girlfriend fed, theres really no easy time to just sit down and write!

Yet here we are! Ready to go for another week! Journal open on our “Week at a Glance” as I stare into what is sure to be a crazy week! So lets get started, by having a peek at what happened las week!

I started out last week with a few simple and achievable goals. Out of all my sessions, I missed out on two, mainly due to a fantastically fun Friday night that left me unable to human for most of Saturday. By far the most positive thing out of last week, were my 2 (technically 4) cycling sessions. On both Tuesday and Friday I managed to cycle the 10km to and from work, and on Friday I even managed to do a run pre departure! I had forgotten how fun cycling can be and I am definitely enjoying being back on the bike.

With regards to the week following ahead, I want to keep cycling to work and hope to increase the workload by making it three times instead of two. Complications arose when I realised that I am flying off to Singapore for a weeding on Friday, which makes the goal three rides in four days, rather than five! However the challenge is set and I am not about to abandon it before I even give it a go!

Running wise, I am keeping it simple: 20km per week for a month. This week was week one. Three more to go before I dare step it up. Given my focus on amping up the cycling, this seems like a good strategy as I can still be more active while hopefully letting my knees and other joints rest a bit. Hopefully the extra riding also helps the weight loss and that way running will be that much easier!

Swim and core sessions both have a simple focus for the week. BE THERE. Over the last two weeks I have come through on my promise to start, however its now time to be a little bit more accountable and progress with them. Hopefully by the end of the week I can make them all and begin to increase the amounts I do per training session!

Lastly this week, as I set myself up for the week, I want to talk a bit about the weight loss. There’s a concept I thought about a while ago that makes more sense the longer I think about it. I’m sure I’m not the only one to be left frustrated when they go ahead and start a new exercise regime and diet and yet fail to see meaningful results weeks after starting. This all too common experience has led me to restart and rethink my routines more times than I dare workout. However, what I’ve realised is that the amount of effort for a beginner to run 5km is the same amount of effort it takes for a more advanced runner to do a 15km run. Legs and knees are probably even more sore for the beginner than the advanced runner despite running three times less!

So that got me thinking: If doing less at the beginning tires one out as much as doing more when advanced, why am I expecting all these results. After all the advanced runner definitely burnt more calories than the beginner… Yet they are both tired and both likely to eat just as big a meal as the other. And there lies the problem. Even though we as beginners don’t do a great deal of exercise, the amount of effort expended still amounts to us feeling destroyed by the end of it. We are still likely to feel like we need to refuel and for the most part, we need to eat in order to keep our body healthy and let it recover in time for the next session. So, I’ve decided to change my focus. Rather than focusing on progress by the way my body has changed or the amount of kg’s dropped on the scale, I am purely going to base progress based on the amount of exercise I am capable of doing! The weight loss will come, and relatively easily, once we are able to start exercising the extended periods of time that allow for that to happen.

So that’s going to be my mindset for the week! The weight can stay relatively flat, or it can decrease, progress is not how much I lose in kg’s or fat, but rather how much farther, faster or longer I can swim/cycle/run for. Let me know if this helps any of you look at things from a new perspective! One thing I’m taking from this experience is that its good to create a forum around these things, so comment below, or on Facebook, or even contact me directly if you want to chat! I love to discuss these ideas and help spread positivity around exercise, and we can’t do that without starting a dialogue!

Happy training!!!


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