March in Review

Wow its been a crazy month! From trips to Singapore to weeklong professional development course, March has been non stop! It’s been tough trying to balance all my personal commitments with my exercise, but I am glad to have worked through it all. It has been a while since updating this blog, and it definitely needs to be more of a priority in my life going forwards, I have so many ideas to share with everyone and so many projects that I wish I had the time to undertake! So let’s kick things off by going through the month of March and what how things progressed!

20170404_110032000_iOSLooking through my monthly stats, the thing that stands out most to me is how quickly I have managed to up my cycling distance. Since the 6th of March, I have gone through and cycled over 220km! All this while keeping my running to an average of 20km a week and managing to introduce some leg and core strength workouts! I have also thrown a few swims in there and after 18months out of the water, I can now confidently do a 2km swim session without feeling like throwing up afterwards! Progress!!!

Possibly what I am happiest about is that I managed all of this while working an average of 35 hours a week, and yet I still haven’t dropped off the pace the applications for engineering graduate roles! What I am less happy about is exactly how much time I have devoted to this blog. It sucks that life throws a spanner in the works everyone and again but there is only so much to do in the day.

On other, more positive fronts, since starting to really focus on weight loss a couple weeks ago, I have managed to drop a solid 1.5kg. As well as diet, this is mostly due to my increase in training, being able to go from the odd 10-15km ride to 40km sitting last Sunday, and also increasing my running to 24km run per week has really helped speed up the weight loss. This has me feeling super confident about my ability to continue training and make my way back into the world of triathlons!

So here we are, on the verge of what feels like a super exciting month. This month could propel me to new (old) heights, but as always could lower me down to familiar territory if I stop pushing and progressing. I have a few things planned for this blog in the coming month, and have come up with a few strategies that will help me realise the vision I have for this blog. I’m not giving up on this project and hopefully can help inspire some of you to reach new heights with me in this never ending endeavour to healthiness and happiness!

Happy Training!

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