It probably seems super cliche that the initial rush of motivation I felt when starting this blogging project has faded as we go further into the year. This happens so often, and is so common that it has more than once kept me from achieving my goals for particular projects. This got me thinking a lot about how to motivate myself and what can be done to prevent falling short of my goals. I want to come up with an answer as to what to do when motivation falls short and we find ourselves watching tv instead of working on our daily goals. Whether it be in a personal project like this one, or your career, or your fitness life.

Today I want to explore the simple question: How do we stay motivated?

We all make a decision at points, consciously or not about what we want to do and when the effort required exceeds the rewards. Most of the time these decisions are made with the short term in mind. That tempting piece of cake in the break room at work, that extra 15 minutes of sleep in the morning, that “quick” stop by home before a run or gym session. Why is it that we constantly go for the easy option, when we know that doing that is exactly the problem?

I don’t really want to come up with an answer. Nor do I have one in mind to write on this blog. I have been mulling over this question for the last 3 weeks and can’t seem to come to a conclusion on the topic.

So instead lets do this: Everyone who is reading, let me know in a comment, or a text message or even through Facebook. What are some of the strategies that you use when you feel lacking in motivation? Do you try to remind yourself the reason why you are doing what you are doing? Or maybe you blast an inspirational song? Or do you not have an answer and go back to bed for that extra sleep in?

I’ve always maintained that this blog is there to inspire people. In this case, its mostly to inspire people to be active, because that is something I am passionate about and something I know. But I want to extend this to inspiring people in general. Hopefully, you (my audience) can help me do this by letting me know what works and doesn’t work for you. Hopefully with a bit of luck and perseverance, we can all make it through!

Till then, lets struggle together!

Happy training!

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