April in Review!

Wow! What a month! Going into April I knew I was on the cusp of something big, but I don’t think I realised how big this month could be! Here is a recap of what happened over the last month:
– Completed my first triathlon in 18months
– Dropped from 91kg to 88kg
– Upped my running from around 20km per week to 32km last week
– Upped my cycling from 40-60km per week to 60-80km per week
– Implemented a new working system which has allowed me to write out more and more (more on this to come)

Damn, thats a lot, and thats stuff that only quantified, I haven’t even considered work or studying or time spent doing job applications! So without delaying any further, lets see how this month unfolded and where I am going as we look towards May!

April for me started off with a bang. Completing that triathlon, and surpassing my expectations really set the tone for the month to come. It was a month where lots of labour and toil would show progress and end in satisfaction. For the most part, and reading back what I wrote on my March In Review post, I knew I was heading in the right direction. I recall writing at the end of that post that April would either be a month of more of the same, or the start of something new. Glad to be here finally on the cusp of something special.

As we went through April, weight began to finally shed off, exciting times when you consider the previous struggle! In retrospect I could have had a much more successful month of weight loss, had I been more diligent over weekends, however I opted for the slow progress route, which resulted in 3kg loss over the month. This is by no means a bad outcome! I am ecstatic with this amount of progress and excited by the prospect of being into the mid 80’s by the end of May!

That all being said, there needs to be constant improvement, constant goals being set in order to progress. I think if April was the beginning of something new, then May is where we grab that and begin to solidify that progress. I find the easiest way to keep track of it all is by assigning numbers. That way you can see exactly where you are at the end of the month. So here are my goals for May:
– Running: Complete 1 x 40km week, run sub 6min/km 12km HBF Run.
– Cycling: Complete 1 x 120km week, and average above 80km/week
– Swimming: Consistently swim 2x per week and get back to 3-4km sessions
– Weight Loss: Get down to 85kg.

The biggest even by far this coming month is the HBF Run for a Reason 12km run. I am absolutely, terribly excited by going for another running race! I can’t wait to get out there amongst everyone and run my heart out. I really enjoy these events and this will be my first race since my half marathon in Chicago! Super keen to see where I am and hopefully use this as a platform for things to come!

On top of everything that is fitness based, I have been working hard on “under the hood” improvements to my productivity system to be able to remain more active on this blog and expand my outreach to more and more people. A big part of that is coming and will hopefully have an update soon, but I cannot thank everyone who posted/commented/texted me enough on my post about motivation. A lot of the improvements to my workflow have come from ideas that people have given to me and I definitely 100% will post an update on what I have changed and what worked for me so that some of you guys can maybe improve your own systems!

So that’s it! Short(ish) update on my plans and aspirations for the coming month. I hope to see some of you out there on the 12 or 21km track for the HBF run and as always hope that you join me in this journey of weight-loss/fitness.

Happy Training!!!!

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