Photo Phriday Week 5: Back in Black (and white!)

In my attempt to finally get back into the swing of things with this blog, I started looking for a picture to shoot in black and white. In particular, Week 5 dictated that we do a landscape and for the love of me I could not find one that spoke to me and inspired me. I looked at beaches around me, the city skyline, even my normal running route. I couldn’t figure out what to shoot and inspiration left me completely.

So I did what everyone does and put it aside for a while… Undeniably too long. However when I decided to re-tackle the project, I asked myself: what do I want to talk about, what story does this picture tell? What makes it a significant part of my journey? I realised in a sudden surge of inspiration that black and white speaks to the past, pictures in black and white often have a melancholic feel to them. Maybe even one of regret. It was like all the lights suddenly came on at once!

This picture that I chose, is one I took while down south in Chile. The mountain in the distance, “Volcan Villarica”, is the main landscape feature of the Ironman 70.3 in Pucon. Ever since I started training, I have always wanted to compete in this triathlon. I have been there twice and both times I have looked in awe at the magnificence of the landscape, and the terrifying beauty of that active volcano. This is a race that is in my bucket list. Every year I wonder whether this is the year, and yet every year the logistics of traveling half way around the world to make it there are too much to handle. However, this picture is my promise. In the past I have looked on at this landscape with a sense of loss and of “missing out”. This picture represents where I leave those feelings. In the past. I don’t know when, and I don’t know how, but I will one day make it to that race and conquer that mountain!

Happy training!


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