Photo Friday Week 6: Candy!!!!

Week 6 of the challenge was centered around candy. I thought about a lot of candy for a while (not because of the challenge, just because I am always hungry), not sure what would make the most photogenic subject. I thought hard about how to relate it to triathlon and exercise, after all, no matter how hard I try, I have still yet to meet a triathlete, or any sportsperson that eats “healthy” as social media dictates we all should. However I also thought of the “candy” that allows so many of us to cross the finish line on race day. The dreaded “shot” of energy we often need. Some people hate them and can’t stomach them, they obviously need more training, as a regular chocolate addict and eater of anything remotely sweet I love them!

I am not going to turn this piece of work into an inspirational piece on how to eat healthy or what to eat during race day to perform well. I’m only going to remind you all to enjoy a little sweet every now and again. Life is not worth living without them! And if your training load dictates that you gulp one of these bad boys down on a Sunday morning (as the girlfriend did on her 20km run this morning!), then all the more power to you!!!!

Happy Training! (And eating!)

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