As I wrote my last entry about perspective and the dramatic change it can have on your current situation, I realised that I didn’t really communicate why I was restarting this blog. Last time when I attempted this, I had a goal in mind to go ahead and complete a Half Ironman and document my progress while doing it. At it’s core, this blog was there to inspire me to go out and train in different new places, document this, then write about it and hopefully inspire people to go out of their routine to try new workout spots or simply inspire them to start in the first place.

A lot has happened since then, and I plan to hopefully make a video on it to both try and learn a new skill, and also explore a new form of self expression. This blog will 100% still be focused around exercise. I still wish to inspire people to be more active and follow with me on this journey to “fitness”. At the very least if no one else reads this, it will serve as a meaningful way for me to keep track of my progress and look back and reflect on what I have done. However, none of these are the principal reason why I decided to revive the blog. After all, there are a myriad of apps out there that track my progress (Strava, Garmin, Nike to name a few), and there is a bunch of ways I could look back fondly on these memories without publishing them to the world. No, the main purpose of this blog is entirely different from the core aspects of fitness, the main purpose of this blog is to inspire through creation.

Creation is a concept that, at my 25 years of age, I find mostly alien. Driven by technology with always some form of the latest gadget in my hands, I have come to be a creature of consumption. This has impacted me in ways I didn’t really think possible, and it definitely is not something that I ever considered being integral to my life. However, as I get older consumption becomes more ingrained as part of my identity. Now as of about 2 months ago, I considered creativity to be the realm of the artist. As an engineer and person of numbers, I had neither the desire, nor felt like I had the right to be part of that realm. After all, what is the point of being creative? Numbers are numbers and 2+2 will always equal 4, theres just no creativity needed… Right?

Oh how wrong I was, through the last year of working, I have not only come to realise the importance of creative problem solving. But the barrier to the act of creation is something so tangible, that if you don’t practice creation properly, writing a simple email or creating a new excel spreadsheet can definitely become harder than they should be. I remember clearly at uni, the typical joke of creating a document, and putting the title, our name and student ID numbers on it was “half the work” and deserving of a rest or a quick Facebook check. I’m no expert, but the more I think about it, the more I can only attribute this fact to our society being so separated from creation that simply opening a new document carries with it such a high mental energy value that we associate it with a lot of work. Indeed, the hardest part of any task is starting it as we say to procrastinators.

So the blogs purpose is clear, to inspire through creation. A fairly noble act to benefit the community, yet my motivation for this is purely selfish. By challenging myself to create on a regular basis, I am training myself to think differently, to learn new skills and to consistently hop over the mental wall associated with creation. I want to achieve this through video, photography, writing and any other medium that I feel is appropriate or wish to explore. Hopefully the content that comes out of this experiment is exciting and engaging and carries with it value to everyone who comes across it. By providing inspiration to challenge not only our daily sedentary states, but our perspectives and thoughts on how we view different situations, I hope to essentially provide a win win situation for everyone involved.